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Jeremy Wade is the queen in service of Puddles the Pelican, “This bird has me working like a dog,” says he/him. 

Disruption, Excess, Hyper Vulnerability – Wade has made a name for himself as an extreme performer and performance maker. His works, also incorporating curation and social practice, are disturbing and thought-provoking: they revolve around queer and feminist strategies of world making, the relational ethics of care, neoliberal critique and the violence that social norms cause on bodies of difference. The work represents a deep dedication to The Social Turn in Queer Theory where the cultivation of a difficult hope is essential for people who do not belong in the toxic present. This practice runs through the body as an interface for reciprocal exchange with other bodies, a possibility space, where being different together becomes a platform for political imagination.

The Creatures From The Deep:

Quentin Tolimieri 

is a composer, pianist and improviser. His works have been recorded on the Wandelweiser Records, pfMENTUM, and Creative Sources record labels. He holds an MA in composition from The University of Southampton and a BFA in composition and piano from California Institute of the Arts, studying with, among others, Michael Finnissy, Michael Pisaro, and Joe Maneri.

Liliana Zieniawa drummer, vibist and composer. She is a graduate of the jazz department of the Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland. She has performed with Polish, Scandinavian and American musicians, touring in Europe and the United States. She appeared at many prestigious festivals, including Mladi Ladi Jazz, Jazz in the Ruins Festival, Krakow All-Souls Jazz Festival, Chicago Jazz Festival, and MIA Jazz. Former teacher at DrumsetPro School. Founder of several projects such as Eat Fit Duo, Tenpasten and Yatera. Member of Adriano Trindade Group, led by Brazilian singer and guitarist. She is currently preparing for the release of the debut album by Fuzzy Birds, an all-female modern jazz quartet.

Ranjit Prasad Considers himself a South Indian gypsy punk born in Flint Michigan, raised in Alabama and now settled Berlin. Over the last 25 years he has lived and performed all over the world including India, Poland and NYC.  He performs, composes and produces a wide variety of music ranging from the avant garde and modern classical to jazz rock and country.  Though Ranjit Prasad is best recognized as a double and electric  bassist after 2 decades of producing music out of studios he has evolved into a multi instrumentalist often performing on guitar drums and vocals.  Ranjit Prasad on soundcloudRanjit Prasad on youtube

Zoe Jamileh 

started busking on the streets of Berlin at 14 years old. Over the years she developed into a confident artist. She accompanies her soulful voice on guitar, serenading the bystanders passionately. Her style is very soul- pop & rock influenced; she cites Amy Winehouse, Billie Eilish and Aerosmith as big inspirations.

Philipp Kullen

studied  percussion, jazz, pop, world music and ethno-musicology, graduating from the University of Music "Hanns Eisler". From 2009 to 2011, he studied "Sound Studies" with a degree "Master of Arts" at Sam Auinger at the University of the Arts in Berlin. He produced studio albums / radio plays and composed music for the bands #MiSolar, #Dotaunddiestadtpiraten, #FanfaraKalashnikov, #MartalaPunxa and for the web presence of the companies #Gaggenau, #Telekom and #Porsche. He also works as a theater musician in the #BerlinerEnsemble and with the Company #NicoandtheNavigators. He has realized several sound installations among others at #Transmediale and the #klangstätten Festival in Braunschweig.

Maika Knoblich 

(1986, DE), is a performance maker and part of the Performance Duo „Quast & Knoblich“. She did her B.A. at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, where she established a long time collaboration with fellow student Hendrik Quast. In 2010 she joined the Master programe DasArts, holding a directors scholarship from the DAAD. Furthermore, Maika works as a light designer and dramaturge for various choreographers and directors, such as: Philippe Blanchard, Barbara Schmidt-Rohr, Olympia Bukkakis, Emmi-Lou Rößling, Billinger & Schulz, Karol Tyminski, SKART and Jeremy Wade.

Artistic Mentor: 
Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy is an award-winning director, writer, and curator. She is the artistic director of Triage Live Art Collective - the company she founded in 2009. With a range of artistic collaborators Katerina creates immersive, participatory, and site-specific performances. Her acclaimed works have been commissioned by theatres and festivals locally and internationally. In 2016 she was awarded the prestigious two-year Australia Council Theatre Fellowship in recognition of her innovative theatre practice. Recent Triage credits include: Banquet for Bees, Denmark (2021 & 2020); i can't believe we're still having this conversation, Wonderland Festival, Italy (2019); sea inside, Hammerfest Festival, Norway (2019), and The Infirmary, Arts House, Australia (2018). Katerina is currently developing a suite of new works focused on the climate crisis: META, The Gathering, and After the Flood.

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 Front Bird Puddles the Pelican - Piano Quentin Tolimieri - Back Up Vocals Zoe Jamileh - Drums Liliana Zieniawa - Bass Ranjit Prasad - Synth Philipp Kullen- Collaborator in Crime Darcey Bennett - Texts Allison Wiltshire & Puddles the Pelican - Dramaturgy Maika Knoblich - Artistic Mentor Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy - Costume Claudia Hill & Josa Marx - Wig Benjamin Kiss + Antina Christ